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May 3, 2016

Re-tuning your FTA Box


If you’ve recently lost connection on your FTA television boxset and you’re missing your favourite shows on ShowBiz TV,  here are some steps to re-tune it and get you back watching the shows you love!

1. Select the settings option on your remotes

2. Look for the option to “Add” a channel (this might be under TP List)

3. Select “Add Channel” option

4. The following frequency must be input when prompted – 11082 mHz

5. Input new Symbol Rate – 22000 ks/s

6. Polarity should be set to “Horizontal”

7. “Save” these settings

8. Select “Search” so that the unit can search for the new channel

9. When “Search” is selected one of the options will be “FTA Only”. Select this option

10. Showbiz TV should now be selected and the user can then use the “Move Channel” option to place it where they would like it in their channel listing


See you back on soon. Happy Viewing!

ShowBiz TV Team


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